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For students who would like to join us for the regular courses, Mandarin Channel mainly follows the textbooks of Chinese Made Easy.

Topics explored in the series: 

  • Daily life, such as Numbers, Months and dates, family members, colors, appearance, daily routines, clothes, and so on;

  • Jobs;

  • Transportations;

  • Food and health;

  • Chinese Cultures;

  • Hobbies;

  • School life;

  • Animals

The course features: 

  • A wide variety of texts and practice materials;

  • Up-to-date topics relevant to students' lives;

  • Careful pacing for gradual progress in language skills;

  • Clearly focused goals for each unit;

  • Regular consolidation and reinforcement of learning;

  • Both simplified and traditional Chinese script;



Parents' Concerns


Where/When do they drop off/pick up students? 

9-9:15am / 12:30-12:45pm

at campus.


How do students go for the outdoor activities? 

We will walk to Wingchun school, and order Uber to go other places.


How many teachers will take care of each class? 

At least 2 teachers and 1 assistant in a group.


Will you plan the same content of each week? 

Yes. But we provide the monthly package for students who need. 


How's teachers' experience and qualification? 

Our Partner

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 3.38.51 PM.png

Mindful Wing Chun Kung Fu are designed to promote Discipline, Correct Posture, Coordination, Balance, Fun, Confidence, and Self Defense. Catering to all students from 3yrs old to adults. 


We not only focus on the Physical movements of Wing Chun, we nurture and tend to the emotional and psychological needs of every student too!

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