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ABOUT Mandarin Channel Team

We are a diligent team with a passion for sharing Chinese culture. We deliver Mandarin classes to students all over the world, no matter where they are, in a fun and effective way!  Check out students' 5-star rating on Google.

Our team come from many regions in Mainland China, and all hold Master’s qualifications which range from TCFL, Broadcasting, as well as other related fields. Collectively, we have on average 6 years of teaching experience teaching students from an array of culture, languages and histories. 

All of this has allowed us to combine Mandarin teaching methodologies with technology and media (Mandarin Channel Youtube Channel) leading our students to success in their language journey.

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Suzie Gong 


Head of Teaching team

  • 7yrs+ working experience in TCFL

  • Bachelor degree&Master degree in Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language, The Hong Kong  Polytechnic University 

     I am originally from Chengdu, one of the happiest cities with a colorful local culture. Since I graduated from University,  I have devoted myself to mandarin teaching. The 7 years of experience I accumulated in this industry inspired me to explore an efficient way to conduct mandarin classes. That’s how Mandarin Channel was borned. Our company goal is to teach Mandarin in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, and our team is constantly developing skills in the areas of teaching, researching and delivering. We keep working on unique teaching materials including powerpoint presentations and audio files. Mandarin Channel also has its own YouTube channel which offers real-life conversations, cultural sharing videos, HSK related videos etc. 


     I am thrilled and proud to work in an enthusiastic and diligent team, where everyone strives to achieve success for our students!

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Doris Dong 


Head of Media Team

  • 6yrs' working experience in Journalism

  • 4yrs' working experience in TCSL  

  • Master's degree in Sustainable Development Education in The Education University of Hong Kong

  • Bachelor's degree in Broadcast and Host of HuBei University 


     After graduating from university, I worked in the Media industry as a writer and host since 2015. As I was in charge of an international program, I realized how important cultural exchange is in this modern era. Then I decided to study Sustainable Development Education in a centre of the world’s cultural convergence—Hong Kong. After 5000+hrs teaching experience, I am ready to make Chinese Education and Media dissemination complement each other and expand the value of each.


      My team and I hope can grow up in this industry, and hope you enjoy your Mandarin journey with us!

Media team
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