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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing MANDARIN CHANNEL CULTURE LTD. (“we, our, ours”) to provide you(“you, your, yours”) with Mandarin learning services. Our services include a wide variety of Mandarin teaching to kids&teenagers&adults, from beginners to advanced learners. 


In order to understand mutual responsibilities and rights, we advise that you read the following terms and conditions carefully. Whenever you get started with using our services, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions listed below. We may make changes to our terms and conditions from time to time, and announce students in writing so that you will know when we last updated the terms and conditions. Your continued use of our services after any amendments constitutes your acceptance of any such amendments. If students do not agree to comply with these changed terms and conditions, they have the right to report to us. However we reserve the final right of interpretation of the terms and conditions. 

1.  Registration for Services


Your right as a registered learner in MANDARIN CHANNEL is non-transferable and non-exclusive, limited to access and use of the audio, content and any other learning materials that are shared from MANDARIN CHANNEL. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your individual information provided to MANDARIN CHANNEL as a private learning account, in case you may not receive any updated notices of the learning materials or you may suffer from loss due to the wrong and inaccurate information. You must immediately notify us via Email or WhatsApp of any suspected or actual, unauthorised or fraudulent use of your information or any other breach of security. 


2. Use of MANDARIN CHANNEL and Copyright Policy


You acknowledge and agree that any and all learning materials of MANDARIN CHANNEL and related content are and shall remain at all times the exclusive property of the MANDARIN CHANNEL CULTURE LTD. and are protected by international copyright, trademark, intellectual property and any laws. Members and visitors are granted no general right or commercial permit to re-publish, re-edit, display, copy, transmit and redistribute any picture, slide, voice, text, educational tools and related company’s information. 


School Policy 


1. Class Booking 


MANDARIN CHANNEL suggests that students book a class in a WhatsApp group that MANDARIN CHANNEL created before the class starts or by sending an email to the course consultant. 


2. Class Arrangement 


MANDARIN CHANNEL only accepts TEXT NOTICES of class arrangements. 

Students must notify their teachers to cancel classes by 24 hours/to reschedule classes by 12 hours via the WhatsApp group chat or Email. If we do not receive any notice from students about cancelling and rescheduling classes within the expiring notification time, we will charge corresponding half-hour tuition as a time compensation fee for teachers. 

3. Course Validity

Students need to complete their classes with the validity confirmed in item descriptions in their invoices. No expired classes are allowed to carry to the next package, refund, or transfer to others. 


Bad Weather Arrangement 


Typhoon Signal: 


No.3 or Below: 


All classes for kindergarten-age students (age 5 or below) are cancelled

Other classes will continue as usual. 


No.8 or Above: 


Group Class


If the typhoon signal lasts till 3 hours prior to the commencement of class, the class will be cancelled. 


Private Class


Course consultants will help teachers discuss with the students if the class will be shifted to remote; if not, the class will be cancelled without charge. 




Red Rain Signal: 


All kids&teenegars classes (students under the age of 18) will be cancelled. 

Adult classes will continue/proceed as usual.


Black Rain Signal: 


Course consultants will help teachers to discuss with the students if the class will be shifted to remote; if not, the class will be cancelled without charging. 


Payment Terms


The tuition payment should be settled at least one working day before the class starts. 


MANDARIN CHANNEL has the right to cancel the booking if the payment has not been settled before the due date. 


If students make international transfers to settle the payment, the processing fee will be borne by students.


Refund & Transfer Credits Policy


We provide a 20-minute free trial lesson for students. Therefore, there is NO REFUND for any class after the payment is settled. 


If students cannot attend the class as planned, we accept one transfer application of class credits, and a 300 HKD administration fee would be charged. 


One Student Signs up for A Group Class


If there is only one student who signs up for a group class, the student will be notified one working day prior to the class commencement date.


If there is only one student who signs up for a weekday group class, we may either 1) arrange two different teachers or 2) reschedule for Saturday after discussing with students.

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