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Should I learn Mandarin or Cantonese in Hong Kong?

It depends on your learning goals! 


China has been rapidly developing in terms of business and economy, where Mandarin is the official language. Learning Mandarin would be a wise investment if your learning goal is to travel or work in China or target the Chinese market. 


Cantonese is widely used in Hong Kong, Macao, part of Guangdong, and other surrounding provinces. Cantonese class would be an option for students who want to handle daily-life topics and explore the culture in HK. 


What is HSK?

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is the standardized Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese. The test is administered by Hanban, an agency of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.


It is definitely an OUTSTANDING ADVANTAGE for the students who passed the test when looking for a job in Chinese companies, working with Chinese colleagues, applying to a Chinese university, and so on. So far there are 6 levels in total.  


If you are looking for more information on HSK, please click here.


What kind of classes should I take?

Private Class: 


For students who would like to receive personalized attention, a customized class, a flexible schedule that will cater to your preference, or your learning goal is to strengthen a specific skill (speaking, writing, or preparing for the interview, etc.). 


Group Class: 


If you are looking for a class with a fixed schedule, or you are looking for classmates, a small-size group class would be great!


Can I get a certificate after learning with the Mandarin Channel?

Mandarin Channel School is happy to offer MC Certificates of level-Completion to students who complete courses with us.


When can I start Business Chinese?

Business Chinese calls for a solid foundation of conversational Mandarin.

At Mandarin Channel school, students start taking Business Chinese Curriculum after completing level 4, in which they mastered around 1200 words. You may check the Mandarin Channel curriculum here.


How long can I achieve a level?

If I want to travel to China, how long can I go? 

It varies according to what course you will take, how often you will have class, your learning speed, you name it.


If you have private classes more frequently, you may complete one level faster. You may check average learning hours here.


For group class students, the learning schedule will be fixed. Please refer to the table for students of different levels.


Do I need to go to Mainland China to learn Chinese? 

Learning Mandarin in Mainland China is great! You will get a really immersive environment to practice Mandarin. However, learning Chinese is not only possible there but there are many excellent opportunities! 


If you would like to take Mandarin classes in Hong Kong. Mandarin Channel is here to provide professional and effective Mandarin lessons. Besides, the Mandarin Channel community offers a variety of activities to help students get more exposure to the Chinese-speaking environment!

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