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Our Most Popular Option to Motivate and Inspire Students

Group class description.png
Group class description.png

Levels' Introduction

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*All the group class students will have access to the online library throughout the semester.

To invite friends to learn together

or. to sign up for 2 levels upfront

You will enjoy up to 10% OFF of the tuition.

Join classes ONLINE will get 5% OFF of the tuition. 

Testimonials From Students

"I enjoyed my Mandarin journey with Mandarin Channel!!


My friend recommended the school to me. I am so happy that I chose the professional team. I did one-on-one private class and finished level 1. My teacher can always combine HSK and conversational Mandarin very well. After class, I have a lot of useful materials to review. I am sure that I will continue mandarin learning with the team.


Strongly recommend Mandarin Channel!

 - Florian P 


"I started Mandarin learning with Mandarin Channel a few months ago, and recently passed HSK3 thanks to the structured class, practical materials and my patient teacher. In the class, we did a lot of conversational practice based on HSK vocabularies and grammar points.


They made Mandarin learning so fun! So if you are interested in learning  Mandarin, I believe MC will help you to achieve your learning goal!"


 - Fabiana Z 

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