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Why Do Most Parents Trust Us?

1. Dedicated and Enthusiastic Teachers 

All teachers are native Mandarin speakers with abundant teaching experience for kids and teens. They hold the degree of TCFL,  Education, or related majors and have received professional training by our Education Department


Doris Dong 

Kids & Teens Department Supervisor

  • 6 years working experience in Journalism;

  • 5 years working experience in TCSL;

  • Master's degree in Sustainable Development Education in The Education University of Hong Kong;

  • Bachelor's degree in Broadcast and Host of HuBei University; 

  • Doris has been teaching students from Hong Kong as well as overseas, most of them are from CIS, AIS, ISF, The International Montessori School, South Island School, and Malvern Colleague Hong Kong.

  • Doris works with her team to take into consideration the needs of parents and students to support them in achieving their learning goals.

2. Regular Feedback

Teachers share immediate feedback so parents can track students' progress.

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3. Precisely Level Located and Tailored Learning Materials

​To better match students' learning needs and achieve their learning goals, Mandarin Channel will tailor students' learning content with their studying background and the results of placement test

4. Students' Remarkable Achievement

We take pride in students’ continuous achievement in mandarin learning.

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Non-native speakers

Curriculum for Non-native Speakers

Our Kids & Teens Teaching team has created self-developed class materials, including class p0werpoint, self-recorded review audio files, worksheets, etc.


We believe Mandarin learning should be enjoyed, whether it is at elementary, intermediate, or advanced levels.

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For students who would like to join us for the regular courses, Mandarin Channel mainly follows the textbooks of Chinese Made Easy.

Topics explored in the series: 

  • Daily life, such as Numbers, Months and dates, family members, colors, appearance, daily routines, clothes, and so on;

  • Jobs;

  • Transportations;

  • Food and health;

  • Chinese Cultures;

  • Hobbies;

  • School life;

  • Animals

The course features: 

  • A wide variety of texts and practice materials;

  • Up-to-date topics relevant to students' lives;

  • Careful pacing for gradual progress in language skills;

  • Clearly focused goals for each unit;

  • Regular consolidation and reinforcement of learning;

  • Both simplified and traditional Chinese script;


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native speakers

Curriculum for Mandarin&Cantonese Speakers

Mandarin Channel School also teach students whose first language is either Mandarin or Cantonese. Our kids&Teens Department follows Hong Kong local and Mainland China teaching materials which are published by 現代教育研究社有限公司,人民教育出版社等 created learning materials.


We teach both Simplified Chinese characters and Traditional Chinese characters.  

Therefore, teachers focus more on improving students' reading and writing skills in Chinese. 

We are Trusted by Students Not Only from

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