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Making Chinese a BLAST💥! 

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Mandarin Channel Chinese Community organizes activities regularly to provide more chances for Chinese learners (both Mandarin and Cantonese) to be immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment. Through joining a wide range of activities or events with native speakers, students successfully practice Chinese while making friends and exploring HK.

If you want...

  • To Make More Friends while learning Mandarin; 

  • To communicate with Native Speakers to boost your Mandarin level; 

  • To Learn With Fun;

  • To learn Mandarin Anywhere!!

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The Way to Explore China (HK)


sanxingdui & chinese snacks picnic

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Mindful Wing Chun Kung Fu are designed to promote Discipline, Correct Posture, Coordination, Balance, Fun, Confidence, and Self Defense. Catering to all students from 3yrs old to adults. 


We not only focus on the Physical movements of Wing Chun, we nurture and tend to the emotional and psychological needs of every student too!

Community for Kids&Teens

Create A Mandarin Learning Habit

Start with a READING PARTY

"The Everyday Adventures of GIRI GURU"  Vol. 1 is a 4 panel bilingual book by Giri Guru - bringing you along on a charming journey through the daily adventures of 
Skip, Poko, Melvin and Kico!

 Mandarin Channel transcribed the Chinese text as well as Mandarin voice over! This book is recommended for children aged 3-8. 

Join us! Listen to these stories: 

How to treasure your belongings;

How to cultivate good daily life habits;

How to build frendships; 


6-6.30pm Every Wednesday 

Explore more about our friends, please visit GIRI GURU.COM 

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Sample story

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story book3.png
story book4.png
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