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Mandarin Summer Camp

17th June - 29th August.,2024

summer camp about the school

Students will join suitable classes after the

Our students will master the following topics during the camp

For students who would like to join us for the regular courses, Mandarin Channel mainly follows the textbooks of Chinese Made Easy.

Topics explored in the series: 

  • Daily life, such as Numbers, Months and dates, family members, colors, appearance, daily routines, clothes, and so on;

  • Jobs;

  • Transportations;

  • Food and health;

  • Chinese Cultures;

  • Hobbies;

  • School life;

  • Animals


Learning features

summer camp learning features
summer camp-class schedule

Tuition2,950HKD per week

5 days * 2 hours a day
The learning materials fee is included.
If there are 4 days learning in a week, the tuition will be deducted accordingly.

- Early Bird/Sibling/Multiple Weeks Sign-up Offer-

The validity of the Early Bird Offer until 31st May.

Get 5% Off 

Our Partner-Canadian International School of Hong Kong

CDNIS camp information
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